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Reducing the spread of COVID-19 remains a top public health priority for the university. Arizona State University recommends the following on-campus protocols:

For additional details about ASU’s COVID-19 mitigation strategy and expectations, visit the ASU Coronavirus FAQs.

Please note that some testing companies are requiring candidates to wear face coverings for the duration of the exam. Face coverings are mandatory according to the vendor rules for the GRE/Praxis/CBT TOEFL.

Please do not come to the testing center if you are feeling ill. If you are feeling ill on the day of the exam, please contact our office to reschedule.


University Testing and Scanning Services, as a unit of the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness, administers computer- and paper-based examinations.

Services include:

  • Receipt, inventory, secure storage, and return of testing materials
  • Administrative support for scheduling exams
  • Making arrangements for appropriate facilities for the administration of tests
    • Quiet, well-lit testing rooms with limited distractions
    • Desks with large surface areas and dividers between the examinees
    • Computers appropriately configured for the delivery of a wide variety of computer-based exams
  • Well-trained, professional staff to administer exams
  • Strict adherence to high standards of test administration
    • Examinees are positively identified on the basis of current, valid photo ID
    • Staff monitor examinees at all times in the testing room or through audio/visual equipment and viewing windows (when available)
    • Careful adherence to testing rules
    • Accurate timing on exams
  • Answer sheet scanning and score reporting services available in many instances.

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