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Standardized Exams

University Testing and Scanning Services, as a unit of the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness, administers computer- and paper-based examinations.

Services include:

  • Receipt, inventory, secure storage, and return of testing materials
  • Administrative support for scheduling exams
  • Making arrangements for appropriate facilities for the administration of tests
    • Quiet, well-lit testing rooms with limited distractions
    • Desks with large surface areas and dividers between the examinees
    • Computers appropriately configured for the delivery of a wide variety of computer-based exams
  • Well-trained, professional staff to administer exams
  • Strict adherence to high standards of test administration
    • Examinees are positively identified on the basis of current, valid photo ID
    • Staff monitor examinees at all times in the testing room or through audio/visual equipment and viewing windows (when available)
    • Careful adherence to testing rules
    • Accurate timing on exams
  • Answer sheet scanning and score reporting services available in many instances.

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