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Plan Revision & Annual Program Review

Plan Revision

It is likely in the course of your assessment you will find the need to update your assessment and data collection plan in order to keep up with new technology and knowledge. Goals and focus should evolve as programs work towards improving students' learning experiences. These changes are to be expected and encouraged in the ongoing process of assessment and a culture of continuous improvement. Below you will find a link to access the online platform for modifying your assessment plan. Plans can be modified anytime program faculty feel it would be beneficial and all programs will eventually be reviewed and revised as necessary following a seven-year Annual Program Review (APR) cycle.  

The revision process begins with the submission of an assessment plan with a minimum of three outcomes with two measures each and provided through the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness portal link below.  The UOEEE will then review plans and provide recommended revisions back to the plan's authors who will make necessary changes and then submit directly to their college delegate for their revision recommendations.  After the college delegate is satisfied with the assessment plan language, the plan is then sent on to the Provost's Office for final approval and program launch.  

Note: The information collected in the Measures and Methods section of the UOEEE New Assessment Plan portal will be used to help complete the Assessment Methods and Measure sections of new program proposals being submitted to the Office of the University Provost and subsequently the Arizona Board of Regents for approval.  

This Assessment Portal link will connect to the UOEEE Assessment Portal page where all assessment planning and reporting tools and systems can be accessed.  

Assessment Handbook

To assist units in the assessment planning process, we created a handbook: Program Assessment Handbook.  Please refer to this handbook as you create your assessment plans and reports. To access this handbook, please authenticate using your ASURITE.

 Assessment Portal

The following link will open the UOEEE Assessment Portal where all assessment plan development and reporting activities take place.