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Research Survey Scanning

University Testing and Scanning Services aids in the transfer of data from optical mark (OMR) paper surveys to raw data digtal format for analysis by your research team. 


  • $40.00 per hour for data transfer affiliated with ASU research.
  • $60.00 per hour for non ASU affiliated data transfer.
  • There is a minimum half-hour charge.

Methods of payment include ASU interdepartmental billing, personal check or money order.

Data Transfer System to Process Surveys

We advise you contact Scanning Services as soon as you are designing the survey, for advice on the best form to choose and to share your timetable for submission of the forms to our division for processing. We will plan proper processing time for your project submission and ensure the highest customer satisfaction in this way. 

  1. A #2 pencil must be used to make heavy black marks. Answer sheets completed with pens or markers result in improper scoring and cannot be processed. Be sure answer sheets have no stray marks or writing anywhere but the places indicated. Forms should not be bent, folded or otherwise mutilated. Changed responses should be erased completely with no apparent smudges.
  2. Any grid areas used for identifying information must be left justified.
  3. Arrange the answer sheets so that they are facing the same direction with the same face up. Improperly sorted forms will interrupt the scanning machine and delay processing considerably.
  4. Do not use staples, paper clips or rubber bands to group forms as these can mutilate forms and result in delayed processing and/or improper scoring.
  5. Place evaluation sheets in a campus envelope (use one envelope per course). Do not use staples, paper clips or rubber bands to group forms as these can mutilate forms and result in improper scoring.
  6. Bring forms to UTSS and complete one yellow DATA TRANSFER REQUEST form per envelope. Be sure to specify your name, phone number, the number of questions on the form and the file name, if applicable.

Data transfers are processed as quickly as possible on a first-come, first-serve basis. We cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time for data transfers. We do not have a pickup or delivery service. Data transfers must be signed for when retrieved. We do not store, share or make public any data transfers.