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Survey results are used for official reporting to the Arizona Board of Regents, Arizona State Legislature, the Higher Learning Commission, and other organizations. In addition, results are used internally to improve ASU programs, processes and policies.

For official enrollment data, please visit the Office of Institutional Analysis.

The University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness produces data reports for colleges and academic units to guide planning and assessment efforts. These reports are designed to provide comprehensive, multi-year survey data on students and alumni. The primary purpose of these reports is to provide institutional student survey data for program improvement, academic program review, and accreditation efforts. For security purposes, access to the data reports are managed by the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness.

UOEEE survey results can be accessed on our survey reporting page here:


Access mirrors access to the UOEEE Assessment Portal. Send your access requests here: uoeee@asu.edu

Further, ASU faculty and staff with approved access can view select University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness survey data on the Academic Program Profile Website: https://uoia.asu.edu/content/academic-program-profile.

The public can also access institutional survey data:

HEA Consumer Information: Graduate Jobs and Further Education

UOEEE also accepts requests for customized analyses of our survey data or ad hoc projects to meet college and departmental needs. If you have a particular report request, please contact Dr. Gerald Blankson at (480) 965-9291 or gerald.blankson@asu.edu.