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We use program goals to help frame our thoughts about the expectations we have for our students. This will help as we begin to write learning outcomes in the next step. At ASU, we don’t ask faculty to record these goals on the Assessment Plan Template, but it is a good idea to store this information in departmental records and be sure the information is aligned with what appears in Degree Search.

For most programs, faculty will have more than one goal for their program graduates. For many undergraduate programs, there may be many possible educational and career paths that graduates will follow. You do not need to identify all possible paths; a small number will suffice. Over time, it is helpful to track program graduates in order to identify these long-range goals, but that is not necessary for this step. The purpose of this exercise is to help you to start thinking about the outcomes we will soon develop.

What do you want your students to do when they graduate?  What hopes and aspirations do members of the program faculty have for program graduates three to five years after graduation? Some examples are:

  • Employed in a field related to the academic program
  • Further academic study (admission to graduate/professional school)
  • Professional licensure/certification
  • Contribution to the scholarship of the discipline (research, publication, teaching)

Do the goals support the department's mission statement?
Review your department mission statement and underline those elements that are supported by the program goals above. If the goals you wrote do not support the program mission statement, take a moment to revise your program goals.

Assessment Handbook

To assist units in the assessment planning process, we created a handbook: Program Assessment Handbook.  Please refer to this handbook as you create your assessment plans and reports. To access this handbook, please authenticate using your ASURITE.

Assessment Portal

The following link will open the UOEEE Assessment Portal where all assessment plan development and reporting activities take place.