Online Course Evaluation FAQs


Fall 2021Session ASession BSession C
Classes BeginThurs Aug 19thWed Oct 13thThurs Aug 19th
Last day to drop/addFri Aug 20thThurs Oct 14thWed Aug 25th
Survey openTues Sept 28thTues Nov 23rdFri Nov 19th
Classes EndFri Dec 3rd
Survey closeThurs Oct 7thThurs Dec 2ndThurs Dec 2nd
Classes EndFri Oct 8thFri Dec 3rd

*Check with your department representative for unit specific dates

Student FAQs

How do I access and complete the course evaluations?

You can access your course evaluations via My ASU or by going to You can complete the evaluations on a computer or mobile device (e.g. smartphone, iPad, Kindle).

Why are course evaluations important?

Course evaluations are important tools for both  faculty and their departments.  First, as faculty read the evaluations of their courses, they gain a better understanding of how well they are meeting the learning needs of students.  Instructors use this feedback to develop and improve their courses.  Further, departments use course evaluations  when they review instructors’  teaching effectiveness  each year. These annual reviews influence decisions about salary increases, contract renewals, and promotions.

Do the instructors view these surveys prior to the end of class?

Instructors will not have access to course evaluation results until after grades have been posted.

Are they anonymous?

The surveys are anonymous. The course evaluation system will log that you have submitted your survey, so that you will not continue to receive reminder messages, but student responses are stored separately from this information and cannot be associated with student names or IDs. Instructors will only see aggregate results, and will never see any student identifiers. We do not even provide instructors with lists of students who did/did not complete the survey.

The link to the survey is not available.

We are sorry that you are having problems accessing your course evaluations. Please try going and log in with you your ASURITE ID and password.

If you continue to have problems, please let us know (

I want to share my opinion on things not covered in this survey.

If you have specific feedback about the course or instructor that you could not provide on the survey, we encourage you to e-mail the department chair/school director with your comments.

What if I enter the portal and I see someone else’s name and someone else’s courses?

Sometimes the cache for a web browser holds a previous user's information from that computer. Try to use a different browser, a different computer, or clear the cache. Then attempt to access the evaluation.


I dropped (or withdrew from) this class – why are you asking me to evaluate it?

The survey was sent only to students who were enrolled in the class after the deadline for withdrawals. If you believe that you dropped or withdrew from the class, we recommend that you contact the ASU registrar’s office to clarify your status.

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Instructor FAQs

How do I access my course evaluation results?

You may access course past and present evaluation results by logging in with your ASURITE ID at  Department chairs determine when to release results, so please contact your chair with any questions about the expected release date for reports from the most recent term.

How can I view my course evaluation results from previous semesters?

Go to your landing page (below), you will only see the current reports – anything released in the last 90 days.  To see anything older than that, use the past reports link on the page or the evaluation reports link under the Cogs icon. Archived reports from previous terms are available there. It's best to start by selecting 'Show All' for the filters on the Reports page.

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