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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Several common questions about OMR classroom scanning services can be found below. You may find it useful to use the Find (Ctrl + F) function to search for keywords. 

If after reviewing these categories and questions, you are still unable to locate the answer to your question, please contact us by email: ScanAssist@asu.edu or phone: 480-965-7146, so that we can further assist you.


Advanced Scoring Options  

Scanning Requests 

Answer Key  

Student Answer Sheets  

Drop Box 

Grading Results 

Other General Questions 


Advanced Scoring Options

  • Can I allow more than one correct answer for a question?

    If you would like to use more than one correct answer, these are your options:

    • "OR" questions: Used most frequently
      (Students bubble one answer out of two or more correct choices.)

      Example: You bubbled A on the Answer Key but students pointed out that C also makes sense as the answer. You want to give credit to students who answer A - or - C.

      What to do: Bubble both A & C on the answer key.

    • "AND" questions:
      (Students must bubble more than one answer for a given question to get credit as correct.)

      Example: The question asks students to pick TWO correct choices. You want to give credit to ONLY the students who bubbled both A - and - C.

      What to do: Bubble both A & C on the answer key. You MUST note on the Exam Scanning Request form that you have an "AND" question.

      Be Advised: By default, if you do not tell us you have an "AND" question, it will be scored as an "OR" question and will result in different results than you anticipated!

  • May I designate a question as an extra credit question?

    Yes. Any question on an answer key may be designated as an extra credit question. Students answering an extra credit question correctly will receive the point value for that question as part of their total score. However, the point value for an extra credit question is NOT included when the Total Possible Points is computed.

    What to do: If you would like to use extra credit questions on an exam, list the question(s) in the "Advanced Scoring Options" area on the Scanning Request Form and mark "YES" in the Extra Credit section.

  • What should I do if I have extra credit on the exam but would like to COUNT towards the Total Possible Points?

    What to do: If you would like to include any extra credit question in the Total Possible Points, list the question(s) in the "Advanced Scoring Options" area and mark "NO" in Extra Credit section. We will score the question(s) as a subtest.

    Note: You can still name the subtest "Extra Credit" if you'd like, but be sure to mark NO in the column Extra Credit (YES/NO) section.

  • I had a bad question on my exam. Can I give credit to all students who answered the question, regardless of which one answer they chose?

    Yes, you can give credit to students, regardless of which ONE answer they bubbled (A - or - B - or ­ C - or - D - or ­ E)

    What to do: Bubble A, B, C, D, E on the answer key.  Check "multiple response" in the Advanced Scoring Options section of the Exam Scanning Request form and note the question number on the line for "credit all."

  • How do I omit a poorly written question so that it will not count against students?

    Omitting a question from the exam means that it will not be scored.

    What to do: Make sure no answer bubbles are filled in for that question number on the key. Use dry correction tape to cover bubbles if they have been erased. Note the question numbers being omitted on the Exam Scanning Request form so that we don't think it was an oversight.

Scanning Requests

  • I have some old Exam Scoring Request forms, can I just use those?

    No. Any of the old request forms that are horizontal, are not acceptable because they do not provide all of the information we need to process your exams accurately.

    The new Exam Scanning Request form is vertical and easy to differentiate from the old one. We encourage you to recycle or repurpose old forms you may have.

  • I just have a basic exam/homework/quiz with nothing "fancy." How do I fill out the request form?

    If all of the questions answered by students:

    • are going to be graded
    • have only one answer for each question
    • are worth only one point

What to do: Fill out only the top half of the request form labeled "Required Information."

  • How much do exam scanning services cost?

At this time, exam scanning services are provided by the University at no cost to faculty.

The exam (homework, quiz, pre/post, etc.) must be pertinent to students' grades in an ASU class that is assigned a Class Number (SLN).

Surveys, evaluations, research projects and exams for non ASU classes do not fall into this category. We can assist you with these projects, but there is a fee involved. For more information on pay services, please see: https://uoeee.asu.edu/research­-survey-scanning

  • What do I need to include in my request for Exam Scanning Services?

    The following will be needed for each version in order to process your exams:

    1. Top half (required information section) of the Exam Scanning Request Form
    2. A completed Answer Key for each version
    3. Student Answer Sheets
  • Why do you ask that I print the Exam Scanning Request form on purple paper?

    Our office provides other scanning services to the University and to individuals outside of the University. Purple helps us properly route your exams through our system and indicates that your envelope(s) of scantrons get the highest priority of processing.

    If you are not able to obtain purple paper to print request forms from our website, please add a note with your exams in the "Additional Comments" section requesting that we send you some pre­printed forms for future use.

  • What is the class number? Where do I find it?

    The class number uniquely identifies a class section. It was previously referred to by the University as the Schedule Line Number (SLN).

    The class number can be found by doing a Class Search, which is published by the Registrar's Office. It can be accessed online at https://webapp4.asu.edu/catalog/

  • Do my exams need to be in a plastic bag?

    Maybe. If you choose to use the drop box to send your exams to us, you should also enclose those envelopes in large, clear, zip style plastic bags. If you are dropping off directly to our office, the plastic bag is not necessary.

  • What can go wrong if I don't correctly list my campus mail information?

    To ensure the student answer sheets get back to you in a timely manner, please provide the proper mail code with each request for scanning. You may also "prep" your campus mail envelopes with your name/mail code before dropping them in the drop box or bringing them to our office.

    Please be aware of conditions that can cause confusion when returning exams by campus mail:

    • when an instructor teaches for more than one Department/School
    • when a TA name is listed with a professor's mail code (or vice versa)
    • when mail is delivered to a department's main mail code rather than an individual mail code for the instructor.
    • when a Department/School is broken up into more than one physical area/building.
  • If I come to your office, can I wait while you process my exams?

    No. We do not offer "while you wait" services in an effort be fair to all Instructors.

  • I'm in big hurry. Can I get my exams processed faster than one business day?

    We make efforts to turn exams around as fast as possible with a first in, first out approach. Most of the time, we process them faster than one business day.

    If you have an emergency, you may contact the front desk (480­965­7146) to explain the situation.

    If you just have a preference of time you need your exams by, you can add the request to the comments section of the Exam Scanning Request.

    We will do our best to accommodate your one time request.

Answer Key

  • What do I mark on the answer key other than the correct answers?

    1. Please write "Key" in a white area of the top of the form.
    2. Bubble "AAA" in the Last Name field. Make sure to left justify it. Bubble nothing else in the Last Name, First Name or ID answer areas.
  • If I teach multiple sections of the same course and use the same answer keys for each section, may I just provide one set of keys?

    Please make a key for each section/version of your test. This ensures that there are no mix ups during grading and helps speed processing.

Student Answer Sheets

  • Will it be ok if students don't bubble the Name fields or ID field?

    Yes. Student information is not a required field in order for your forms to pass through our equipment. Our software will not require us to bubble a dummy ID.

    Be Advised: If there are duplicate student names, student ID is another way to identify the students. We suggest you instruct students to correctly bubble their names and IDs even if you do not need the information.

    If you are administering a survey or research project rather than an exam or project that counts toward students' final grades, please familiarize yourself with what we can do to help you. Do not submit surveys or research projects as exams. https://uoeee.asu.edu/research­-survey-scanning

  • May I use other Scantrons for my test, such as 19543 and 70921?

    No. Forms 19543 and 70921 are used for class evaluations and for research projects.

    Scantron/NCS Form 229633 is the only exam form we can score for exams, homework, and quizzes.

  • Does your office provide or sell the Scantron student answer sheets?

    No. Forms can be purchased through the ASU Stores Catalog. Check with the campus bookstores or your department for other options.

  • What if I've administered an exam to students using the wrong Scantron form?

    Scantron/NCS form 229633 is the only form that can be scanned as an exam. If you used a different form, you have a couple options:

    1. You can ask students or TAs to transfer answers to the correct form so we can scan it.
    2. You can score the answer sheets by hand. We have a long handled hole punch in our office that you can use while you are here to punch holes in your key. This creates an overlay that will help you hand score bubble exams quickly.
  • Can students use ink on the answer sheets?

    No. Ink cannot be read by our equipment. Exams completed in pen will be sent back unscored.

  • Can students use white out on the answer sheets?

    No. Liquid white out is absolutely not acceptable as it will flake off into our equipment.

    Dry correction tape can be used. Large amounts of it passing through our equipment can cause damage, so we ask that students try to fully erase bubbles when possible rather than using correction tape.

  • Can I photocopy a Scantron student answer form when I need additional sheets?

    No. We operate OMR scanners. Photocopies cannot be scored.

  • Why do I need to pick up the graded answer sheets if I already received the test results?

    Testing Services will not destroy or throw out examinations and we do not have the storage space to keep examinations for faculty.

    Answer sheets not retrieved from Testing Services within 30 days of the scan date will be returned to the Instructor via campus mail.

  • Can I give students homework assignments to complete on Scantron forms?

    Yes. We often scan homework that has been completed on scantrons. Students need to use the same form (Scantron/NCS 229633) as an exam.

    • Please do not staple the answer form.
    • Remind students that these situations will prevent the sheets from passing through our scanning equipment.
      • wrinkled scantrons
      • stuck on crumbs
      • water damage
      • curled edges
    • Doodles on the scantrons sometimes render them unscannable as well. Although we enjoy being surprised by the artful talents of ASU students, please encourage them to doodle on other paper.

Drop Box

  • Do I have to use the drop box?

    No. The drop box is a service paid for by the Provost office for your convenience. If you would prefer to drop off your exams personally or send a runner to our office, you may do so between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We are located in [UCNTRB] behind Chompie's at 1130 E. University, Suite 204.

  • When is the best time to drop exams off in the drop box?

    The courier makes two trips from the Tempe drop box to our office each day. Exams dropped off before approximately noon will get to our office later that same afternoon. Exams dropped off after the afternoon run, will wait for the next pickup around 8 am the following day.

    The courier makes one trip from the Downtown drop box to our office each day. Exams dropped off before approximately noon will get to our office later that same afternoon.

    When exams arrive at our office, they are time stamped and processed within one business day of the time stamp.

  • Why do I need to print a courier request form?

    If you choose to use the Drop Box to send exams to our office, you will want to create an online courier request for your bundle of exams.

    Creating a courier request slip alerts mail services there are exams waiting in the drop box. Also, in the event of confusion about whether the unscored exams were put in the drop box, or any other unforeseen event/misroute occurs, ASU Mail Services can help track down answer sheets.

    ASU Mail Services couriers handle each delivery with the utmost care and security. The courier scans the barcode when he/she picks up the exams from the drop box and scans the barcode again when the exams arrive to our office.

  • Why do you suggest the use of large plastic zip bags?

    Student answer sheets should be placed in large interoffice mail envelopes when submitting to Scanning Services for processing. Interoffice mail envelopes often are torn or do not close properly and may sustain more damage from the drop into the box. Also, the plastic bags can be used to hold multiple mail envelopes, keeping several versions of an exam together. Lastly, the plastic bags ensure that moisture doesn't damage the sheets causing them to be unscannable.

  • Can I just put the scantrons directly into the plastic bags?

    No. For test security and to keep the student answer sheets in scannable condition, the student exam answer sheets must be put into a large campus mail envelope.

    No clips, rubber bands or staples and one version of exams per envelope please.

  • Can you send me some of the large zip style plastic bags?

    UTSS does not provide or sell these bags.

    • The bags can be purchased through ASU Stores:
      https://cfo.asu.edu/purchasing­-asu-­stores-­faq Item number FM700000 ­ a pack of 10 bags.
    • Ziploc brand Large "Big Bags" 5 pack from Amazon.com:
    • Larger quantities can be purchased through a local vendor:
      Pioneer Packaging http://www.packagingphoenix.com/
      730 University, Phoenix, AZ 85034, (602) 528­-4140.
      Item number 27049 – a case of 250 bags (2 case minimum required).
    • Stor It Large Plastic Storage Bags with handles ­ A slightly less durable plastic bag can be purchased through:
      GreenBrier International, Inc. (www.dollartree.com)
      Item number 943607 – a case of 36 (108 bags)
    • Nearest Local Dollar Tree Retail Store:
      1737 E. Broadway Rd. #101, Tempe, AZ 85282

Grading Results

  • Can you provide an ID Listing or Descending Raw Score Listing reports?

    The new exam scoring software does not provide these two reports. Please use Excel to sort or modify the data file to meet your needs.

    If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, please refer to this brief two minute video instruction: http://youtu.be/1sE23m0oN9k

  • Which report can I use to post results in a public place?

    Many faculty use Posting IDs to post incremental grades like mid-term exam scores, lab results, etc., in public places such as the departmental bulletin board, or the wall in the classroom.

    Posting ID is a seven-digit number composed of the last four digits of the ASU ID number plus the last three digits of the Campus ID number.

    What to do: Please ask students to use the ID field on the Scantron answer sheet to bubble their Posting ID. After your exams are done, simply use the Excel file our office uploads for you and remove the name column. The spreadsheet is now ready for you to post in the public area.

    To delete a column from a spreadsheet

    1. Right click on the top of the column you want to delete.
    2. Choose Delete from the menu.
  • When can I expect to get my grade reports?

    Score reports and data file will be uploaded to MyASU within one business day of the time stamp student answer sheets receive upon delivery to our office.

  • I received a notification email that my exam results are ready but why don't I see my files on MyASU?

    Sometimes the notification email is sent right after the files are uploaded. It can take awhile for the files to transfer to your interface. If you tried viewing the files right after receiving the email notification and the files didn't show, please refresh your page after 10-15 minutes.

    If you cannot see the results after a half hour, please inquire with UTSS by replying to the notification email or phoning 480-965-7146 for further assistance.

  • Can I check for my exam results before I receive an email or phone call that they are ready?

    Yes. As soon as the pencil and paper icon shows up next to the class in the My Classes section of your MyASU, you can access your results. During our peak time, after we finish processing your exams, we may have assistants help us send out the email notification to let you know that the results are ready. Due to this, it is possible that results can be uploaded before the courtesy phone call or email is sent.

  • What can I do if I am having difficulty trying to open or download the files?

    Please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Pro) needed to view the PDF file.
    If you click the file link and no window pops up to ask you to open/save it:

    1. Look in the "Downloads" folder, the "Documents" folder, and on your Desktop
    2. If it is not there, try instead to right click the link and choose "Save as" and select Desktop
    3. If you still cannot, then try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
    4. Lastly, contact your department's IT Help Desk to assist you further.
  • Can you email my exam scores?

    The ASU legal department has deemed unsecured email transmission of data that identifies students to their ID numbers and grade results as a potential violation of FERPA.

    We upload grade results to a secured server that interfaces with MyASU.

  • Why are some answer sheets not scored?

    Student Answer Sheets may be rejected by our scanning machines. The most common reasons are:

    A notice explaining the reason for rejection will be attached to those answer sheets that cannot be scored and/or a note will be uploaded with exam results. It is the instructor's responsibility to either hand grade those answer sheets or fix the problems and resubmit them to UTSS.

    • The student did not use a pencil to fill out the answer sheet.
    • All of the student's answers were bubbled too lightly to be read by the scanner.
    • The answer sheet is in poor condition.
  • My TA says that they cannot find where to download the results. What should I do?

    If your TA already has either "Post" or "Grade" access in Peoplesoft, then he/she should be able to download student exam results through MyASU, in the "My Classes" section (once they are logged in). They may need to toggle out of the "Student" view to see the My Classes box. This toggle is under their name at the top right of the page.

    Once in the correct location, they should be able to see a paper and pencil icon indicating the exams are finished and are ready for download.

  • My TA or office assistant does not have permissions to download exam results. How can they get these permissions?

    Contact your classroom scheduler. For help identifying the classroom scheduler in your department:

    • Send an email to rooms@asu.edu requesting this information
    • Call (480) 965­-6578
    • Visit the Rooms Scheduling department in person

Your scheduler will clearly understand if you ask in this way:

"In order to download exam grades in MyASU, I need to be listed as "Instructor", "TA", or "delegate" with "Post" or "Grade" access in Peoplesoft. This access is listed on the "Meetings" page in "Maintain Schedule of Classes".

NOTE: Professor, TA, or delegate permission in Peoplesoft is different than Blackboard permission.

  • Am I going to receive an Excel file?

Yes. Please use the Quick Start Guide.  You may modify you data file to meet your needs. 

To sort data in a column:

Please refer to this brief two minute video instruction:  http://youtu.be/1sE23m0oN9k.

To delete multiple columns in Excel:

  1. In the column header, select the number of columns you want to delete from the workshet.
  2. Right click on the selected columns.
  3. Choose Delete from the menu.
  4. The columns will be deleted.
  • Why is the score on my answer sheets different than the report?

We have to tell the software how to interpret your "OR" and "CREDIT ALL" questions because the basic scanner/hardware doesn't recognize multiple resonses automatically.  This is why you may see the score printed on your answer sheets doesn't match the reports.

Please use the scores on the pdf reports/Excel file.

  • How long do I have to submit a rescore?

You can submit a rescore any time during the semester if you have the answer sheets to send in again.

If you only have a few changes, we may be able to do your rescore without the need to send the answer sheets back to us.  We ask that you request it within the 2 weeks following the last scan date.  This will ensure we still have the data available to modify.

Other General Questions

  • What if I have a question not covered in FAQ?

    For questions not answered here, contact Testing and Scanning Services at: (480) 965­-7146 (7:30 a.m. ­ 5 p.m.) or our office email: ScanAssist@asu.edu