UOEEE Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue. 2 - September 2022

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Welcome to the Fall 2022 academic semester. I hope you find the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness’ (UOEEE’s) biannual newsletter helpful. This edition of the newsletter includes a few important updates and reminders.

We have made a slight change to the deadlines for submission of assessment reports. We have allowed for an additional month to complete them. Assessment reports will now be due to the Delegates on September 30th and to UOEEE on October 30th. We have attached the revised timeline for planning. This can also be found on our landing page, to print or download the new timeline please click this file: UOEEE Upcoming Submission Dates


We have a new New Member in UOEEE:Keirien Taylor has joined UOEEE as our Management Research Analyst. He will be the point person for data related projects, overseeing the Assessment Portal, Canvas course and working on all assessment initiatives. Keirien is not new to ASU, he served the UOEEE as a research assistant and is a recent graduate (2021) earning his masters' degree from ASU in Social Justice and Human Rights. He also has a masters' degree in Dispute Resolution from University of Southern California in 2019. He has already hit the ground running and is ready to help you.

Updated UOEEE Assessment HandbookUOEEE’s Program Assessment Handbook has been updated! Some new handbook sections include guides for how to write elements in an assessment report, how to retrieve archival data, and how to add UOEEE survey data to your assessment plan.

Important HLC Announcements (Originally Posted in Vol. 1 Issue. 2)The university’s 10 year accreditation visit from the Higher Learning Commission is this year. With a fall 2022 submission of the self study and a spring 2023 site visit. Assessment will have a big focus. If you are interested in serving as a cold reader for the assessment section we would greatly appreciate this. Please contact Lisa Bortman. Lisa.Bortman@asu.edu

New Resources on UOEEE Canvas PageThe UOEEE’s Canvas course has been updated to include additional information and more exceptional examples of assessment plans and reports (thank you to everyone that agreed to share their materials). Additional resources will be continuously updated in the Canvas course as permission to share more exceptional reports and plans is granted. Modules throughout the course have been included to assist programs in navigating the resources pertinent to their needs. Some new canvas course sections include: Sample reports and Sample Doctorate Plans. To access the canvas, or to enroll, visit: https://canvas.asu.edu/courses/81507.

Upcoming Workshops and Delegate SurveyAs a part of the UOEEE’s effort to better assist and support delegates throughout the assessment process, the UOEEE is administering a survey to collect delegate’s feedback on upcoming workshops and resources. Completion of this survey is pertinent to our continuous improvement efforts and our ability to assist and provide the necessary support needed. This year we would like to hold Delegate hosted workshops. We have an incredible resource of talent and knowledge in our assessment delegates and sharing with each other would be a huge benefit. So please consider volunteering for a workshop and share your unique experiences and knowledge surrounding the assessment process and faculty interaction. Click here to take the Delegate Survey.

Publication of Program Learning Outcomes (Originally Posted in Vol. 1 Issue. 2)As part of HLC’s re-accreditation requirement, program learning outcomes from every program will need to be publicly accessible. This includes outcomes that are being assessed within the portal as well as any outcomes your program may be assessing internally apart from the portal. These outcomes will be published to each program’s public facing page via degree search (example). Program outcomes will be published as programs go through the establishment process as well as the APR process. For programs currently going through APR, please ensure that your outcomes are prepared for public viewing by students and external evaluators as you are revising your assessment plan. If you do not want to wait for APR and your program’s outcomes are ready for publication please let UOEEE know and we will publish them. Also there is a section in the portal where programs can include all non-assessed outcomes for publication on the program’s degree page.

Assessment Dashboards (Originally Posted in Vol. 1 Issue. 2)UOEEE has partnered with the Action Lab to develop an assessment dashboard where assignment and exam grades are automatically collected from Canvas and aggregated for easy data analysis. The dashboard can be set up to allow programs to break down data and information found in Peoplesoft, including campus, student major, specific performance cutoffs, as well as various student demographics (i.e., race, gender, etc.). We are looking for programs that are currently utilizing rubrics (preferred) or exams within Canvas and would be interested in developing such a dashboard. If interested please contact Keirien Taylor (Keirien.Taylor@asu.edu) and we will help you set this up through the Action Lab.


Indirect Measure Requirement (Originally Posted in Vol. 2 Issue. 1)Indirect data is important to program assessment as it provides invaluable contextual information related to student learning, attitudes, and experiences. It can also explain and support direct forms of assessment. As such, at least one form of indirect assessment per assessment plan is now required for all programs. Programs will be asked to incorporate this new requirement when seeking establishment or during the program’s next scheduled APR.

Online Student Data Entry for Reports (Originally Posted in Vol. 2 Issue. 1)In order to comply with HLC’s requirements to assess and evaluate online students apart from in-person students, programs with >20 online students will be presented with an additional field to submit data specific to their online students. UOEEE understands that not all programs may be able to disaggregate their data this reporting cycle and is willing to work with individual programs to find solutions to achieve this ability for the next academic year. Please contact us at assessment@asu.edu to set up an appointment.

Plan Requirements for No Enrollment Programs (Originally Posted in Vol. 2 Issue. 1)HLC requires the assessment of all credit granting programs (both certificates and programs) regardless of enrollment size. Given that the intention of “No Enrollment” programs are still to provide degrees and credits, they are still expected to possess a viable assessment plan that can be implemented whenever students are enrolled. While not a change in ASU policy, UOEEE expects these “No Enrollment” programs to review and update their assessment plans along with their college/school during its next scheduled APR cycle. Programs that are not ever expecting to open back up for enrollment should go through ASU’s official disestablishment process. More information on program disestablishment can be found on the ASU’s Provosts’ site.


Plan/Report Rubrics (Originally Posted in Vol. 2 Issue. 1)To help better guide programs through the UOEEE reporting process and make the expectations transparent, the rubrics used to assess assessment reports are now publicly available. Programs can find both the plan and report rubrics in the latest handbook update and on UOEEE’s Canvas site. The report rubric will also be made available within the portal itself by clicking the  button located on the right side-panel above the report edit page. Rubric ratings from UOEEE will be sent to delegates.

Overall Plan Comments (Originally Posted in Vol. 2 Issue. 1)When users choose to display the comments, comments related to the overall plan will also show prominently atop the plan/report.

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