UOEEE Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue. 1 - May 2022

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Hello everyone! As we prepare for the heat of summer please check your A/C units and our next UOEEE newsletter. In addition to 100+° heat in the summer, death, and taxes, one of the few other certainties in life is assessment of student learning and our 10-year accreditation coming in 2023!

As always, this newsletter is meant to provide programs with pertinent upcoming information related to all things assessment at ASU.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Assessment Plan Revisions for Programs Going Through APR due to UOEEE – July 15th

New Program Application Final Submissions Due to UOEEE – July 31st
*Programs need to submit by this deadline to be reviewed by ABOR this calendar year

Assessment Reports due to UOEEE – Sept 30th
*Note: Reports are due to delegates before this date. Please check with your delegates for their due dates

Newsletter Contents:

UOEEE Assessment News

- Updated Handbook
- Important HLC Announcements (Repeat Announcement)
- Publication of Program Learning Outcomes (Repeat Announcement)
- Assessment Dashboards (Repeat Announcement)

Policy Changes

- Indirect Measure Requirement
- Online Student Data Entry for Reports
- Assessment Plan Requirements for No Enrollment Programs

Portal Enhancements

- Hide Comments
- Comment Placements
- Update report buttons
- Plan and Report Rubrics


Updated UOEEE Assessment HandbookUOEEE’s Program Assessment Handbook has been updated to include information related to important policy updates summarized in this newsletter as well as more details to help programs navigate and submit assessment plans and reports. Links have been included throughout the handbook to assist programs in navigating directly to pertinent information both without needing to digitally “thumb” through the entire book. Some new handbook sections include: Elements on an Annual Assessment Report at ASU, Archival Data, and UOEEE Survey Data.

Important HLC Announcements (Originally Posted in Vol. 1 Issue. 2): The university is currently preparing for its next 10-year accreditation (2023 site visit) from the HLC, ASU’s regional accreditor. What does this mean for individual programs and how does this affect you? Given HLC’s strong focus on assessment, they will look at the assessment plans and reports of all programs at ASU in an attempt to determine if assessment is occurring (“wherever”) on all campuses and (“however”) in all modalities. The expectation is that each program will assess program learning outcomes and use the results for continuous improvement. Please help us prepare by having specific and measurable outcomes, sharing assessment results with faculty and students, using assessment results for continuous improvement. Please note that this will apply to both online AND immersion programs.

Publication of Program Learning Outcomes (Originally Posted in Vol. 1 Issue. 2)As part of HLC’s reaccreditation, program learning outcome from every program needs to be publicly accessible. This includes outcomes that are being assessed within the portal as well as any outcomes your program maybe assessing internally apart from the portal. These outcomes will be published to each program’s public facing page via degree search (example). Program outcomes will be published as programs go through the establishment process as well as the APR process. For programs currently going through APR, please ensure that your outcomes are prepared for public viewing by students and external evaluators as you are revising your assessment plan by December 31, 2021. If your program’s outcomes are ready for publication, no further action is needed on your part. Starting at the end of the current academic year (May 2022), there will be a section in the portal where programs can include all non-assessed outcomes for publication on the program’s degree page.

Assessment Dashboards (Originally Posted in Vol. 1 Issue. 2)UOEEE has partnered with the Action Lab to develop an assessment dashboard where assignment and exam grades are automatically collected from Canvas and aggregated for easy data analysis. The dashboard can be set up to allow programs to break data down any information found in Peoplesoft, including campus, student major, specific performance cutoffs, as well as various student demographics (i.e., race, gender, etc.). We are looking for programs that are currently utilizing rubrics (preferred) or exams within Canvas and would be interested is developing such a dashboard.  If interested please contact us and we will help you set this up through the Action Lab.


Indirect Measure Requirement: Indirect data is important to program assessment as it provides invaluable contextual information related to student learning, attitudes, and experiences.  It can also explain and support direct forms of assessment. As such, at least one form of indirect assessment per assessment plan is now required for all programs. Programs will be asked to incorporate this new requirement when seeking establishment or during the program’s next scheduled APR. Programs have the ability to, and are encouraged, to incorporate this change before their APR as well.

Online Student Data Entry for Reports: In order to comply with HLC’s requirements to assess and evaluate online students apart from in-person students, programs with >20 online students will be presented with an additional field to submit data specific to their online students. This means that programs that meet this criterion, will now enter the total number of data points collected (in-person AND online students), total number of students that met or exceeded the performance criteria (in-person AND online), total number of online student data points collected (online ONLY), and total number of online students that met or exceed the performance criteria (online ONLY). A student is considered an “online” student when their registered campus is “Online” (as opposed to Tempe, Poly, etc.). It should be noted that students registered at one of ASU’s in person campuses (i.e., Tempe, Poly, West, etc.) may take online classes, but students with a registered campus of “online” are not able to take in person classes on campus. UOEEE understands that not all programs may be able to disaggregate their data this reporting cycle and is willing to work with individual programs to find solutions to achieve this ability for the next academic year. Please contact us at assessment@asu.edu to set up an appointment.

Plan Requirements for No Enrollment Programs: HLC requires the assessment of all credit granting programs (both certificates and programs) regardless of enrollment size. Given that the intention of “No Enrollment” programs are still to provide degrees and credits, they are still expected to possess a viable assessment plan that can be implemented whenever students are enrolled. While not a change in ASU policy, UOEEE expects these “No Enrollment” programs to review and update their assessment plans along with their college/school during its next scheduled APR cycle. Programs that are not ever expecting to open back up for enrollment should go through ASU’s official disestablishment process. More information on program disestablishment can be found on the ASU’s Provosts’ site.


Overall Plan CommentsWe’ve heard you all loud and clear. Overall plan feedback for programs was too hard to find and did not show up with comments related to specific elements. Now when users choose to display the comments, comments related to the overall plan will also show prominently atop the plan/report.

Updating Report Language: Traditionally, annual reports are only updated to match assessment plans once a year (when the portal was turned over in March), but with more and more programs taking the initiative to improve the overall quality of their assessment plans, we have given delegates the ability to instantly update the contents of the annual report to match the current assessment plan. Delegates can update the report by clicking the button located under the programs name at the top of the page. Note: Changes made to your assessment plan need to be approved by your delegate before the report can be updated. 

Plan/Report Rubrics:To help better guide programs through the UOEEE evaluation process and make the expectations transparent, the rubrics used to assess assessment plan and report quality will now be publicly available in several locations. Programs can find both the plan and report rubrics in latest handbook update and on UOEEE’s Canvas site. The report rubric will also be made available within the portal itself by clicking the  button located on the right side-panel above the report edit page. Rubric ratings from UOEEE will also be sent to users along with the notice that the report evaluation is complete. Note: UOEEE will only review assessment plans of programs going through APR process but will review reports of all programs regardless of APR status.

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