UOEEE Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue. 1 - May 2021

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The University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness (UOEEE) has officially opened the 2021-2022 assessment portal. This year's portal includes updated features to improve ease of use as well as a new required component, assessment mapping. Assessment practices at ASU incorporate best practice, ABOR requirements, and expected practices from our regional accreditor, Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Our next comprehensive evaluation from HLC is spring 2023. 

Annual assessment reports, changes to assessment plans, and new assessment plans for AY 20-21 can now be entered into the portal. 

Newsletter Contents:

UOEEE Assessment News

- New UOEEE Newsletter
- Updated UOEEE Handbook
- New Canvas Resource Site

Policy Changes

- Academic Program Review Changes
- Mapping Requirement
- Low Enrollment
- Aggregation Tool for Reporting Performance Criteria

Portal Changes

- Updated Plan Edit Page
- Plan/Report Toggle


UOEEE Newsletter: You are currently reading UOEEE's new newsletter! This newsletter will be produced approximately 2-3 times a year and will include important announcements, updates, and reminders of upcoming deadlines. The newsletter will be accessible from UOEEE's assessment page and delivered via email to program delegates.

UOEEE Handbook: UOEEE has also updated its assessment handbook for the 20-21 AY. This new handbook includes helpful tips on writing assessment plan elements, more details regarding assessment plan and reporting requirements, and detailed instructions for navigating the portal. The updated handbook can be accessed here, from the UOEEE Assessment Page, as well as the UOEEE Canvas Site

UOEEE Canvas Course: UOEEE has put together a Canvas course where all of UOEEE resources are now housed. Resources include materials on writing an assessment plan and rubrics as well as general reference materials such as UOEEE's handbook. UOEEE's Canvas site can be accessed here or from the UOEEE Assessment Page.


Annual Program Review: UOEEE assessment plan approval is now a required component of the APR process. UOEEE will review and provide feedback on assessment plans for programs one year before their scheduled APR. UOEEE will also be available to assist programs to update their plans to fully meet established requirements. Another policy change for programs going through APR, is that programs will not need to collect nor report on student achievement during the year of their APR. For example, a program going through APR in the academic year 2021-2022, will not need to collect data during the 2021-2022 academic year nor produce a report that would typically be based upon that data in the spring of 2022.

Assessment Plans: ABOR has established new assessment plan requirements for all degree programs. In addition to identifying program learning outcomes, measurements, and performance criteria, degree programs will also need to establish a program mission and program goals while undergraduate programs will also need to describe how they are assessing general education knowledge areas. In addition, programs will need to establish concepts, competencies, and assessment process for each program learning outcome. This requirement will be enforced for programs going through the APR process and new programs applying for establishment.

Assessment Mapping: Starting in 2021, assessment mapping will be required for new program applications and programs going through APR. Assessment mapping is a visual representation of the relationship between the program learning outcomes and the courses/curriculum. Mapping identifies where program learning outcomes are introduced, reinforced, and mastered and can be very basic or complex. Mapping provides clarity of purpose, allows programs to take an objective look at the PLOs, and help to articulate what students are expected to learn through the program. For more information about assessment mapping, check out the newly updated UOEEE handbook here go to 23:40 of the Canvas Portal walk-through video.

Low Enrollment: In previous years, programs with 4 students or less were considered "Low Enrollment" programs and not required to submit a report. Going forward, programs with 20 students or less will be considered as "Low Enrollment" and will now be required to submit an abbreviated report. These reports will not need to include assessment data, but programs will be expected to provide an update on the program's status (i.e., plans for disestablishment, anticipated enrollment numbers going forward, etc.) as well as all other applicable elements (i.e., current activities, programmatic changes, faculty participation, etc.).

General Education Knowledge Area Requirement: Undergraduate programs seeking establishment and those going through APR, must now describe where they are assessing their students' knowledge within nine general knowledge areas (i.e., composition and rhetoric, quantitative reasoning, literature, social sciences, natural sciences, history, ethics, civil discourse, and diversity and inclusion). Programs can select a measure within their assessment plan, an external proxy indicator, provide a narrative describing where knowledge in these areas is assessed, or select ASU General Study Requirements to indicate when a knowledge area is not specifically taught within a particular degree program (i.e., the English program not having a mathematics/quantitative reasoning component within its curriculum).


A significant number of updates and features were included in the newest rollout of the UOEEE portal. A selected number of particularly notable or helpful features will be presented below. For more details regarding these updates, please see the portal walk-through video

  • A new more straight forward report edit page that resembles the plan edit page for easier navigation and data entry
  • A new / toggle has been added to the portal to allow for seamless switching between your program's plan and report within the same page
  • A data aggregation tool that aggregates and presents data from the past 6 yrs for easier data analysis and interpretation. For more information, go to 31:16 of the portal walk-through video.
  • A new ability to link specific measures with an individual UOEEE survey item allowing for data related to that item to auto-populate in your program's reports. For more information on how to set up this feature, please visit 18:43 of the portal walk-through video.
  • An APR designation that lets plans know when they are about to go through or are currently in the APR process. This can be found below your program's name in the plan edit page or by accessing the program list through the portal (click on the large number found in the "Program Status" tile) and search for "APR." For more information and for screen shots, please see the UOEEE handbook section on "Editing Assessment Plan and Reports."
Friday, April 16, 2021 - 8:45am