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Test Center Policies and General Information


Please be advised that properly wearing a face cover is mandatory in all ASU buildings, and face coverings are to be worn for the duration of the exam. Single-layer neck fleece covers, also known as gaiters, and face coverings with valves do not satisfy the requirement for use of a face covering on campus.

Please do not come to the testing center if you are feeling ill or experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, muscle pain).  If you are feeling ill on the day of the exam or if you believe you have been exposed in the last 14 days to someone who was currently positive or awaiting results for COVID-19, please contact our office to reschedule the exam.

For additional details about ASU’s COVID-19 mitigation strategy, visit the ASU Coronavirus FAQs.

Due to the current situation, the  testing schedule is published one month at a time. Please contact our office at 480-965-7146 or uts@asu.edu if you do not find an appointment that meets your needs.


General Information and Test Center Policies

What to bring to the exam:

Appropriate form(s) of identification. Please reference exam instructions for details regarding what forms of identification are permitted. 

We suggest that you dress in layers to adapt to the room temperature. 


What not to bring to the exam: 

You may bring food or drink but it must be stored in the reception area. Food or drinks are not permitted in the testing room.

The use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited, including the use of calculators, cell phones, smart phones, smart watches, pagers, photographic devices and/or other electronic or communication devices.

Visitors, including parents, friends or children are not permitted in the testing room under any condition.

Family members, friends and guests of test takers are not permitted in the testing rooms, nor should they have any contact with test takers until the test takers have left the vicinity of the test
center after the conclusion of the test.

Children are not permitted in the testing room or reception area. University Testing and Scanning Services staff are not permitted to babysit children.

Please note: If you have a medical need that necessitates food or drink, use of a medical device, or other special accommodation during the exam, contact our office to discuss as soon as possible. Due to the process the candidate must complete with the testing company and or our office, it is recommended that this process is started at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam.

Please be considerate of other test candidates and your test proctors and DO NOT WEAR perfume or cologne on your exam day, as many people have allergies that are affected by these smells.

Weapons are probited in the Testing Center. A prohibited weapon is any object or substance designed to inflict a wound, cause injury, or incapacitate, including, without limitation, all firearms, BB guns, air guns, pellet guns, switchblade knives, knives with blades five or more inches in length, and chemicals such as mace, tear gas, or oleoresin capsicum, but excluding normally available over-the-counter self-defense chemical repellents. Chemical repellents labeled "for police use only", or "for law enforcement use only" may not be possessed by the general public.

For more information, please visit the ASUPD website  or contact the ASU Police Department non-emergency line at 480-965-3456.


University Testing and Scanning Services Provides:

Clean, quiet, and well lit testing space

Adjustable chair



Scrap paper, pencil, writing pad and/or eraser (if permitted per your exam policies)



Test Setting and Security:

Our office provides a quiet area for students to test.

Lockers are provided to store personal items. All personal items including cell phones, watches, large jewelry, backpacks, books, jackets, and or hats must be stored. *Please refrain from bringing valuables. The testing center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. The owner assumes all risks for  personal property brought to the Testing center.

Electronic devices such as cell phones must be completely turned off and stored in the assigned locker. Once the exam begins and during breaks access to lockers and personal belongings, including cell phones, is prohibited.

Only permitted items that have been provided by testing staff and approved by the exam vendor may be used. 

Test materials are to remain within the Testing Center.

Testing rooms are monitored by security cameras.

University Testing and Scanning Services staff may write a report and send it to the testing company and furthermore dismiss a candidate from the test center at any time for any of the following reasons:

Creating a disturbance

Using or attempting to use an electronic device/unauthorized testing aide

Using or accessing any outside communication during an exam

Giving or receiving help on the examination

Failing to follow testing procedures and/or instructions

Attempting to remove examination materials or notes from the test center

Impersonating another candidate


Lost or Stolen Items:

University Testing and Scanning Services is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in lockers or in the reception area.

Contact Us 

Physical Address
1130 E. University Drive, Suite 204, Tempe, AZ 85281. University Center, Building-B [UCNTRB

Office Hours

Academic Year: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Closed on university holidays.



Lot 55 - University Center [UCNTRB] parking fees are $3/hr or $15/day.  Please pre-pay for your parking before coming to the Testing & Scanning Services Office.  The parking machine, operated by Parking and Transit Services, accepts credit or debit cards. You can also pay by using the Park Mobile app. Cash is not accepted. Please remember your license plate number, as it will be required to make your payment. The Park Mobile parking zone is #60112.  When considering your parking payment for your exam please consider your check in and check out time for the exam, as well as the length of the exam.