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Program Goals

Program Goals are broad statements that extend and operationalize the mission statement. They define what makes the program unique as well as support the university mission. Program goals should also be able to describe what skills and knowledge students are expected to demonstrate to be academically successful within the program. The number of program goals is often between three and six per program.

Examples of program goals can be found below.

  • The goal of ASU Program X is to teach students how to build community.

  • ASU Program X provides students with a high quality and creative experience at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and postgraduate levels.

  • Students enrolled in ASU Program X will generate new knowledge through a broad array of scholarly, research and creative endeavors.

  • ASU program X provides students with a foundation for dealing with the immediate and long-range needs of society.

  • ASU Program X teaches students cultural understanding through study of social, political, economic, and technological change.

For further guidance on how to write a program goals, please visit the Program Goals section of the handbook or go to the Program Mission and Goals module of the Canvas site. Completed sample plans can also be found on the UOEEE's Canvas site under the Sample Plans/Report module.