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Preparing Outcomes

Think about the program goal you developed in the previous step. What kinds of knowledge or skills will students need to have when they graduate in order to achieve that goal? That body of knowledge and that skill set are your program learning outcomes.

Information collected by the UOEEE assessment plan form is used to help complete the learning outcomes and assessment plan requirements of the proposed new program submission process. Descriptions required by the Arizona Board of Regents covering learning outcomes, concepts, competencies, assessment methods, and measures are completed in the UOEEE system, https://uoeee.asu.edu/assessment-portal.

Learning Outcomes: Program outcomes are the intended learning outcomes of an academic program. They are the answers to the question, “What should program graduates know and be able to do?” Program faculty should identify at least three student learning outcomes, and we recommend around five outcomes. These few outcomes on which you will focus during a single cycle are not intended to represent the full array of potential outcomes for the program. They will serve as a limited snapshot of student learning within an academic year, and you will have ample opportunity to study other outcomes in future years.

Concepts: What are the distinguishing characteristics of this program? What are the knowledge sets students should be able to draw upon? How is it different than other programs at different degree levels, or other programs in the department, college or university? What will graduates from this program be able to accomplish that will make them unique from other programs?

Competencies: Program-specific skills necessary to achieve academic and professional success. These elements can be represented within the outcome rubric. Will program graduates be as, or more, competent than students from any program in the nation?

Connecting Outcome to Assessment Methods/Measures: How will student development be examined? Which artifacts and instruments will be used to assess progress and outcomes? How can the assessment plan drill into the specific skill outlined in the outcome? A final exam may be a great capstone to look at, but consider if the entire exam relates to the skill outlined or if a section of the exam or a specific rubric item used to grade the exam can be used to create a 1 to 1 connection between the outcome and measure.