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General Education Areas

The general education element in the portal provides a mechanism to identify if a program’s curriculum addresses General Education. 

The requirement to include General Education (GE) information in assessment plans comes from ABOR. To satisfy this requirement, programs are asked to describe in their program’s assessment plan how each of the nine GE knowledge areas are addressed and assessed within the program’s curriculum. These nine knowledge areas include the following:

  1. Composition, Communication & Rhetoric
  2. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Literature, Fine Arts, & Humanities
  4. Social/Behavioral Sciences
  5. Natural Sciences
  6. American Institutions, Economics, & History
  7. Ethics and Ethical Reasoning
  8. Civil Discourse/Civic Knowledge
  9. Global Awareness, Diversity, & Inclusion

Programs will need to choose from the following to identify the level of assessment that will be used for each area of knowledge: 

  • A measure is a form of assessment that is being utilized within the program’s current assessment plan. When this input method is checked, a dropdown will appear that allows the plan writer to choose which measure within the assessment plan is assessing that particular area of knowledge.
  • A proxy is an assessment performed by a legitimate professional or regulatory/ accrediting organization or professional association, as opposed to faculty. Examples of a proxy include 1) testing by state or national regulatory board, 2) internships in the student’s area of study, 3) peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations.
  • A narrative is reserved for general education areas of knowledge that are assessed within the program, but not included within the program’s current assessment plan. Selecting this option will allow the user to describe where and how will master skills and knowledge not included in a program’s curriculum.
  • Programs can also indicate when particular knowledge areas will be taught and assessed by ASU’s General Studies Coursework. This option is reserved for knowledge areas that are not specifically taught within a particular degree program (i.e., the English program not having a mathematics/quantitative reasoning component within its curriculum).

For further guidance on general education knowledge areas, please visit the General Education section of the handbook.