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Assessment Resources

From conceptual development through APR, UOEEE has is happy to assists in all aspects of the assessment process for programs at ASU. To help facilitate this, UOEEE has developed several different resources to help programs through their evaluation and assessment processes.

  • UOEEE Website - The current UOEEE website (that you are currently visiting), serves as a first stop for programs looking to work on their assessment efforts. The website provides programs with high level summative information on each aspect of the assessment process (APR, program reports, and assessment plans), it serves as a directory showing programs where they can get more in-depth information if necessary, and it also houses UOEEE's Assessment Portal, where programs enter in assessment data collected over the past year and where their assessment plans and archived reports are housed.

  • UOEEE Handbook - The UOEEE handbook was updated in May of 2021, and should be your go to resource for  UOEEE policies surrounding report and plan submissions as well as the UOEEE portion of the APR process. The handbook also describes expectations for plan, report, and APR elements as well as navigating the UOEEE Assessment Portal.

  • UOEEE Canvas Course - The UOEEE Canvas Course hosts all of UOEEE's resources including recordings from UOEEE workshops, assessment plan templates, and diagrams outlining various processes. Materials found within the Canvas course will provide the most detailed information out of the resources listed here.

  • UOEEE Newsletter - The UOEEE Newsletter is a new resource that will be distributed two to three times a year and will consist of important announcements, short descriptions of changes to the portal or policies related to assessment, and reminders of upcoming due dates.