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Assessment Report Requirements

 Program Background Statements

“List the names and titles of those participating in the assessment planning, analysis and reporting activities for this program.”

  • Looking for adequate faculty participation for size and scope of the program

“Please describe your program’s assessment process and specific assessment activities during the academic year. Please include who was involved and how they were engaged in assessment activities.”

  • Faculty meetings, retreats, and other activities when assessment planning, reflection, and improvement activities were discussed and improvement specifics decided.  (describe in generalities)
  • Implementation of quality improvement activities: When are the changes coming, why will it make a difference, what assessment outcomes are now expected and will all students be impacted or is the program targeting groups for support? 

“If no data were collected for this program during, please use the space below to note the reason and describe the strategies in place to ensure that data collection will occur during the current assessment cycle, and then continue to the last page of this report and provide any changes to your current assessment plan.”

  • Information in this section is used to communicate challenges preventing data collection for 2017-18 and efforts made to overcome the challenges in the future
  • Low enrollments must still collect data even if a disestablished course is being “taught-out”
  • This description answers the questions, “Why were there no data available and how is this being corrected for the future?”

During the academic year, what changes have been made to the program, curriculum, and/or instruction? Why were these changes made? Please discuss how those changes were implemented and their intended impact on student learning.”

  • Information in this section describes what was done with the assessment results to make program improvements, particularly when the curriculum and/ or instruction is changed. 
  • This description answers the question, “How is assessment being used to support continuous improvement efforts?”

Program Self-Assessment Statements

"Please summarize how the assessment results for the academic year will impact your academic program in the coming year. Consider what the assessment data indicate are programmatic strengths or weaknesses and areas of possible development."

  • Will the program’s changes reduce program weakness and/ or further improve program strengths?
  • This answers the question, “How do you expect the assessment results to impact students’ performance/ program outcomes in the coming year?” 

"Please summarize how the assessment results for the academic year will impact your assessment process for the coming year. Please consider revisions to your plan, sampling strategies, data collection, or any other areas."

  • Assessment plans must evolve as the programs they measure evolve.  What developments must be made to the assessment plan to assure it will affect next year and in the near future? 
  • This answers the question, “What are you doing to assure effective assessment as the program evolves?”