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Assessment Plans for New Degrees

The university's provost office oversees the establishment of new programs at ASU. New programs will require both internal approval through the provost office as well as external approval from ABOR. For additional information about the university process for establishing new programs, please visit the provost office’s web page on curriculum development or see the New Program Applications to Arizona Board of Regents section of the UOEEE's Program Assessment Handbook.

UOEEE guides and supports the assessment planning component of this process. UOEEE understands that many aspects of the new program may not be in place yet and that students may not reach measurement points until two or more years from the time of approval (and enrollment of students). The program mission, goals, and outcomes should still be established during the planning phase and ready for approval in the new program application, however. UOEEE’s Program Assessment Handbook section Elements of a Program Assessment Plan at ASU provides details about how to develop an assessment plan that will meet ABOR requirements as well as provide rich assessment data for curricular improvement.

Prior to submission of the new program application, UOEEE provides programs provisional approval of their assessment plan to be included in the application and moved forward from the provost’s office to ABOR.

The UOEEE Canvas site has a blank downloadable assessment plan template for inputting information that will help programs meet the requirements of the ABOR new program application process.

Assessment Portal: To begin the assessment plan review process, programs should ask their delegates to create a program shell within the "New Program Applications" tile found in the UOEEE portal, where pertinent information can be uploaded.

Programs seeking establishment are also expected to complete a "Measures Summary" for each outcome. This requirement is not a new requirement, but has been made more prominent to encourage completion. Programs are to include the student artifact being assessed (i.e., a case study, dissertation, etc.) and tool used for measurement (i.e., a rubric, exam grade, etc.) but not include performance criteria (i.e., numbers, percentages, or scales). For examples on language and how to combine multiple measures into a single summary, please visit the UOEEE Canvas Site.

After UOEEE reviews the new plan, it will be approved or returned with comments for revisions. Assessment plans for programs seeking establishment are due to UOEEE by July 31st if programs are seeking to submit to ABOR within that calendar year.

Note: Certificates do not go to ABOR for approval, yet the HLC requires all credit-bearing programs, degrees, and certificates receive equal attention and consideration in assessment and all other areas of accreditation.