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Annual Report

Every academic program at ASU is expected to participate in assessment of their program learning outcomes annually. In these annual assessment reports, programs will provide a brief summary of their data collection, results, continuous improvement efforts over the past academic year (June to May), and efforts to impact student learning in the coming year. Please check with your program's delegate to confirm the due date of your program's assessment report. Final report submissions are due to UOEEE (from delegates) on September 30th. Assessment reports are submitted via UOEEE’s Assessment Portal and consist of the following elements:

  • Assessment DataDirect and indirect data collected based upon the measures listed with a program’s most recently approved assessment plan. Student program learning data should come from students enrolled in the program to accurately examine program learning outcomes. Starting in 2022, programs with 20 or more online students will need to provide data on their online students specifically. A student is considered an “online” student when their registered campus is “Online” (as opposed to Tempe, Poly, etc.). It should be noted that students registered at one of ASU’s in person campuses (i.e., Tempe, Poly, West, etc.) may take online classes, but students with a registered campus of “online” are not able to take in person classes on campus.

  • FacultyWhich faculty in your program and or committees were involved in the assessment process and what were their roles in this process?

    • Assessment activities can include writing and refining assessment plans, overseeing the collection of data, data analysis and interpretation, and providing continuous improvement guidance to ensure students can demonstrate the development of skills and knowledge necessary for academic success within the program.
  • Process ChangesWere there any changes made to the assessment process found in the assessment plan? If yes, what changes were made?

  • Program and Assessment Changes - Did the results of your assessment lead to changes in your curriculum? What areas of programmatic strengths or areas of possible development are revealed by the data.  Do you plan to make changes?

NOTE: Programs are not expected to have all of their students achieve all of their outcomes at the highest level.  That is not how higher education and learning takes place in higher education. Rubric assessment, survey findings and focus groups should inform programs about trends, strengths and weaknesses. UOEEE is currently not tracking whether or not program outcomes are met. Instead, UOEEE examines the process and approach taken to ensure programs provide information intended to help inform faculty and administrators and to identify specific areas where learning can be continuously improved.

For more information about report elements and policy regarding reports, see the Assessment Reporting section of the UOEEE handbook.

For information about dates and deadlines, see the Key Processes and Due Dates section of the UOEEE handbook.

For information on how to navigate to the reports section of the portal, go to the 26:52 mark of the Assessment Portal Walkthrough video on the Canvas site.

For information on how to edit reports, please visit the Editing Assessment Plans and Reports section of the handbook or go to the 27:36 mark of the Assessment Portal Walkthrough video on the Canvas site.