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Academic Program Review

The academic program review process is a comprehensive review of established degree programs that occurs every seven years and is overseen by the university's provost office. Program reviews provide an opportunity for faculty to examine how effectively their program is meeting its mission, goals, and outcomes. More information regarding the review process including timelines, guides, and other important information can be found on the academic program review website that can be accessed here.

UOEEE is involved in two areas of APR:

  1. Assessment Plan: As part of the APR process, programs must now receive UOEEE approval of their assessment plan (through the assessment portal). The UOEEE component involves programs reviewing and if necessary revising their assessment plan to be used for the next seven years of assessment.
  2. Data Gathering: Within the self-study portion of APR, programs are expected to review the data and report on student learning and achievement over the past seven years identifying areas of strengths and growth going forward. UOEEE assists in this process by providing programs with their historical data and archived reports.

UOEEE will review and provide feedback on assessment plans of all APR programs the year before their scheduled APR. UOEEE feedback will thus be available at the start of a program’s APR process. For instructions on how to view UOEEE feedback and to access aggregated data within the report edit page, please see the Editing Assessment Plans and Reports section of the UOEEE handbook or check out the Instructions for Reviewing APR Feedback section on UOEEE's Canvas Site. For instructions on how to access past reports and aggregated data within the program archives section of the portal, see the Program Archives section of the handbook or go to the 33:14 mark of the Assessment Portal Walkthrough video on the Canvas site.