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  • ASU Final Exams Week - Extended Hours

Friday, December 9, 2022: The office will remain open until 6:00 PM to accept exams.

Saturday, December 10, 2022: The office will be open from 9:00-12:00 to accept exams.


  • Helpful Information

Courier Tracking Form: When utilizing a drop box for delivery of exams/homework that need scoring, a courier tracking request is also needed. This request system has had some changes to offer a more streamlined process for faculty sending to our office. No information needs to be filled into the fields for cost center. Please see Step 3 below for the current instruction sheet.

Courier Form Instructions 2020

Campus Mail Envelopes: Inter-departmental envelopes are used to preserve privacy of the Scantrons and to group them by version. These envelopes are not provided at the drop off locations. Please arrange for what you will need through your department. Bring the envelopes with the exams if dropping off directly to the UTSS office. https://cfo.asu.edu/supplies

Feature: The scoring results Excel Workbook "RAW" tabs now offer both ABCDE and 12345 format to accommodate all preferences.

 Drop Off Location: ASU Polytechnic faculty can easily submit Scantron exams for scoring by utilizing the drop box located in Santa Catalina Hall (Rm 233, College of Integrative Sciences & Arts). Please make sure envelopes are fully inserted into the box.

Digital Rescores: Complete a new examination scanning request form (paper or digital). Fill out the top required section, the middle rescore section and the bottom section if you have changes to make to your advanced scoring or NEW advance scoring to request. Save and email the form to ScanAssist@asu.edu. 

Office Contact Information

Physical Address 

[UCNTRB]  1130 E. University Drive, Suite 204, Tempe, AZ 85281

Effective July 1, 2022, the new physical address:  1130 E. University Drive, Suite 204 Tempe AZ 85288.

Office Hours

Academic Year: Monday - Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm. *See Announcements for extended hours.

Closed on University holidays.

Lot 55 - University Center [UCNTRB] parking fees are $3/hr or $15/day.  Please pre-pay for your parking before coming to the Testing & Scanning Services Office.  The parking machine, operated by Parking and Transit Services, accepts credit or debit cards. You can also pay by using the Park Mobile app. Cash is not accepted. Please remember your license plate number, as it will be required to make your payment. The Park Mobile parking zone is #60112.




ScanAssist@asu.edu  (preferred over phone)

Five Step Process

Step 1: Plan and Administer Scantron Exams

  • Purchase Forms, Form #
  • Purchase Supplies for Utilizing Drop Box Delivery (optional)
  • Design and Administer Exams, Guidelines for Students

Step 2:  Prepare for Scanning Services

  • Create a Key on a blank Scantron
  • Complete Scanning Request Form
  • Organize Student Answer Sheets

Step 3: Send to Scanning Services (2 Options)

  • Drop Off in Person
  • Drop Box

Step 4: Access Exam Results

  • Statistical Score Reports
  • Data File 

Step 5:  Pick Up Student Answer Sheets (2 Options)

  • Campus Mail
  • Pick Up in Person

How To: Use Scanning Services for Exams

Following these guidelines for scanning services will produce the most accurate reporting and quickest turn around possible.

Step 1:  Plan and Administer Scantron Exams [FAQ]

  • ​​​Purchase Forms:  Workday FM700300, Scantron/NCS Answer Sheet, NCS #229633, ASU  Materials Management.  In the Workday Purchases section, use the 'Search Catalog'. Search "Answer Sheet, NCS #229633
    • (200q, 2 sided, spice/pink) 


Scantron/NCS Form 229633: Available through Workday and Back Side of 229633


Screenshot of Workday Search Result for 229633


 Purchase Supplies for Transport and Processing:  You will need to use campus mail envelopes for each version, as well as a large plastic bag for each bundle of exams. The campus mail envleopes protect exam privacy and separate into version groups. The zip-style plastic bag keeps versions together and protects against wetness or accidents while in transit. Below are some recommendations to consider.



  • Guidelines for Students: (You may want to read the following instructions to your students) Correctly filling in bubbles on the answer sheet is important for accurate scores.
    • Use only a No. #2 pencil. Do not use pen.  
    • Make the bubbles dark and completely fill in the proper answer. Do not leave the center of the bubble empty.
    • Completely erase all mistakes. A poorly erased mistake may be interpreted as a response. 
    • Do not fold or tear the Student Answer Sheets.  Sheets must be flat. Sheets that may have been spilled on and dried (coffee, water, etc.) will probably not pass through for scoring. Forms that are too wrinkled to run will need to be recopied onto a fresh answer sheet. Photocopies of forms cannot be processed.
    • Do not make marks along the left or bottom of the front side (right or bottom of the back) of the form. Writing should not be made near the black horizontal scanning bars or the black squares.

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Step 2:  Prepare for Scanning Services [FAQ]

  1. Create an Answer Key.
    • Complete an answer key for each version.  Please use Scantron/NCS Form 229633 with a #2 pencil. Label this sheet, "AAA" in the Last Name grid. Leave all other information grids BLANK on the key sheet. 

    • Place answer key on top of bubble sheets.

Note:  If the key is missing, on the wrong form or completed in pen, you will need to bring or send in a new key.

Options for Advanced Scoring: [FAQ]

Scoring assumes one correct answer per question, with each question worth one point by default. See below for other options.

Faculty and TA's: Please check accuracy on grading reports issued by UTSS before submitting student grades.

      • Omit  Use to "drop a question" or treat it as blank/unscored. [KEY]: Do not bubble in any answer for this question (you can also use dry correction tape to white it out).  If the students have answered a question that is being omitted, we may question whether it is intentional or an oversight on the key, so we ask that you also note this on the Exam Scanning Request form under Advanced Scoring Options.
      • Multiple Answers  A question with multiple answers will be graded by default as an "OR" question.  [KEY]: Bubble all possible answers on the key.
      • OR situation (default):  student must select only one of the possible answers in order to be correct.
      • AND situation:  student must select ALL of the possible answers in order to be correct.
      • Credit All  ALL responses for a question to be correct. This includes no answer and multiple answers filled in for a question. [KEY]: Bubble in a/b/c/d/e. If it is a T/F question, still bubble a/b/c/d/e.
      • Multiple Point Values / Weighted Scoring  An exam with questions that are worth more than one point each and you would like us to calculate that for you. [REQUEST FORM]: You MUST use the table on the Exam Scoring Request Form to indicate which question or block of questions should be weighted. Please use only integer values.  Nothing needs to be indicated on the key.  
      • Subtests / Objectives  Allows faculty to specify groups of questions which pertain to specific course objectives.  The bundled statistical reports will include objective-specific analysis.  [KEY]: All subtests should be on the same key. [REQUEST FORM]: You MUST note the blocks of questions in the table on the Exam Scoring Request Form. You do not have to apply different weighting.  If you would like to use the default 1 point for each question, simply note "1" in the point field.
      • Extra Credit  Any question on an answer key may be designated as an extra credit question. Students answering an extra credit question correctly will receive the point value for that question as part of their total score. However, the point value for an extra credit question is not included when the Total Possible Points is computed.  [KEY]: All subtests can be on the same key.  [REQUEST FORM]: You MUST note which questions are "extra" in the table under Advanced Scoring Options, by writing Yes in the box.

Tip:  If you have Weighted Scoring, Subtests or Extra Credit, we strongly suggest you group the same purpose questions together.  This ensures that there are no mix ups or confusions during scoring and helps speed processing.



    • Additional sheets included:  If there are no changes to your key and you just need to add some late sheets to a previous submission,  send in only the new answer sheets.

    • A wrong key was placed with a version of the exam or answer sheets mixed in wrong version: Please resubmit all answer sheets with the new key on the top.  We will need to re­scan the key(s) and the student answer sheets.
    • Modify answers on the key: 
      • 3 changes or less: It is now possible for tests to be rescored digitally without rescanning the student answer sheets. To request rescoring or if you have questions or concerns, email:  ScanAssist@asu.edu   with "Rescore" in the subject line of the message. Fill out the Rescore section on the request form and attach it with your email.  You may still submit the answer sheets for re-scanning in the traditional manner if you prefer.
      • 4 or more changes: If there are more than three changes that need to be made on the key, it usually indicates that there was an error that requires more attention and detail.  To avoid unneeded rescores, we request the professor/TA resubmit the student answer sheets and include a new key that has been checked closely for accuracy.


2. Complete a Scanning Request Form.  Complete one purple Exam Scanning Request Form per envelope (one envelope per version of exam)

    • Pre printed forms can be filled out by hand in our office, or you may fill in the form digitally (Acrobat Reader required).  We suggest downloading the digital form and opening it in Adobe Reader, rather than opening it in a tab of your browser window. (Don't forget to save your answers before attaching the request form to your rescore email request).
    • Please print the request forms on purple paper.  If you are not able to obtain purple paper to print request forms from our website, please add a note with your exams requesting some pre-printed forms for future use.    
Exam Scanning Request Form, Purple, Portrait Half Sheet


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Step 3:  Send to Scanning Services (2 Options) [FAQ]

There are two different ways to deliver the completed answer sheets to be scanned to University Testing and Scanning Services:

  • Option 1:  Submit in person
    • Directly hand deliver exams for scoring to Scanning Services.
      •  [UCNTRB], 2nd floor, Suite 204, located slightly off of ASU Tempe.
      • Bike Racks are near the entrances of the building.
      • Yellow loading zone parking spots are available for 20 min drop off of exams.
    • Pre-printed request forms, tape, pens, rubber bands and time stamp are provided in our office.
    • Experienced staff are available to show you how to fill out the purple request form and properly prepare your submission.
    • Remember to bring the answer key Scantron with you and please allow a few moments for staff to check your submission if you have prepared it before arrival.
  • Option 2:  Drop Box [FAQ]

Exam answer sheets can be placed in centrally located courier drop boxes at Tempe, Downtown and Polytechnic for delivery to UTSS by ASU Mail Service couriers. The Tempe and Polytechnic courier will make two trips daily, morning and afternoon, from the drop box to our office.  The Downtown courier makes one trip a day in the afternoon.

    • Place Scantron answer sheets and completed purple Exam Scanning Request Forms inside the appropriate campus mail envelope and fasten envelope(s).
    • Place envelope(s) in a large zip sealed plastic bag. These are highly recommended.  They help to group all your envelopes together, preventing loss or damage. 

How to bundle exams for drop off locations. Note: Items 4 and 5 are not needed if dropping directly to UTSS office.

    •  Print a Courier Request Form:  https://sclappprod.asu.edu/courier/ and place it on the top of the envelopes in the plastic bag so that it is visible. Note that no cost center information is required.
Courier Form Instructions 2020                    PDF icon courier_instructions2020.pdf
  • Deliver to one of the Drop Boxes (see locations below):

Tempe: Hayden Library (to the left of the circulation desk as you walk in)


Downtown: University College, UCENT, Room 300


Polytechnic: College of Integrative Sciences & Arts, SANCA, Room 233

Note:  Using the campus mail drop box delivery option to send exams to our office may delay receiving exam results.  Tempe campus mail couriers do pick up from the drop box and deliver to us twice a day, however, exams are processed one business day from when they arrive and are time stamped in our UTSS office.

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Step 4: Access Exam Results [FAQ]

Exams are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis (FCFS).  The turnaround time will be one business day (excluding weekends and holidays) or sooner depending on the time of year and the number of scan jobs in the queue. We will notify you when your exam is ready, as a courtesy, in case you don't see the notification that your files are ready for download.

Rescore needed? See the section below Step 5. 

Scoring results will be stored electronically on the University Technology Office's servers. As friendly reminders, when downloading files to your computer or portable device, please remember that the information contained within is FERPA protected. Please contact UTO for any questions about how long the data is made available.

  • Convenient Online Access to Exam Results
    Results will be uploaded to your MyClasses portion of MyASU.
    You will have access to a PDF file for each version you submit to be graded.
    An Excel workbook and Canvas file will be provided for each exam bundle.

 You can find detailed information on this feature and how to download your files at:  https://asu.service-now.com/ess/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0011646

Instructors or TA's: Use MyASU to Retrieve Scanned Test Reports

Note:  If, after viewing your exam results, you have questions concerning student scores or missing names on reports, we suggest you wait until you've received the student answer sheets to investigate the issue before contacting our office.  

  • Statistical Data Reports
    Each version of the exam submitted will result in a bundle of 7 reports combined into a single PDF file.  Below you can view samples of each report along with explanations of the statistical information provided within them. 
    • Excel Workbook:   An Excel workbook that can be opened in Excel versions 2007 and newer will be automatically provided.  The file contains a "Simple" worksheet containing Student Name, ID, and Overall Total Score, as well as a worksheet with the "Raw" scanner output of all fields.  If you submit more than one version of an exam, you will get both the separate results and a worksheet with merged results. 
    • Canvas Import File:  A Canvas file will be provided for each bundle of exams submitted for a course. Some manipulation in the Canvas system may still be required by faculty. Please contact the LMS group for questions related to Canvas.
    • PDF Report Bundle:  Click the images below to download sample reports with statistical definitions.                                                                  
  1. Alphabetical Listing Report #101
    Provides the scores for all students in the class
  2. Combined Student Feedback Report #105
    Provides a detailed grade report, with a table of all answers chosen by students.
  3. Class Frequency Distribution Report #103
    Displays the frequency of various ranges of raw scores for an entire class, as well as the mean score.
  4. Condensed Item Analysis Report #106
    Summary of basic exam statistics:  exam results as a whole, analysis of each question, group responses and point biserial calculation.
  5. Item Analysis Report #204
    Graphical representation of each question on the exam, including the frequency of responses provided by students for each question.
  6. Special Item Analysis Report #207
    Provides an overall look at point values assigned to each question and the number of students total who answered correctly or incorrectly.  This report shows "no responses" as well, which can be useful for exams that ask students to only answer certain questions based on other pre-defined criteria. This report is most useful for instructors who utilize Advanced Scoring Options.
  7. Individual Student Feedback Report #301

Provides a detailed grade report for each student who took the exam. Each student report appears on its own page, making it useful if you choose to distribute them to students.

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Step 5: Pick Up Student Answer Sheets (2 Options) [FAQ]

  • Option 1:  ASU Mail Services
    • Please make sure to provide an accurate campus mail code on the Exam Scanning Request form.
    • Mail services picks up exams from our office once a day. If we complete the processing of your exams after they pick up, the student answer sheets will go out in the mail run the next business day.  
  • Option 2:  Pick Up in Person
    • You must show ID when picking up your scanned answer sheets. Please allow for one business day before pick up (or if you see results uploaded sooner).
    • Exams must be picked up within 30 days. We cannot store or destroy these documents.  Exams left for longer than 4 weeks will be mailed back to the faculty member through inter-campus mail. UTSS is not responsible for lost or misdirected inter-campus mail.

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If modifications are needed, the easiest way for us to understand your rescore needs is to complete another purple request form for each version which requires a rescore.


  1. Download (or locate on your computer from a previous save) Scanning Request Form.
  2. Open it using Adobe (your changes may not save if you open in a browser window).
  3. Fill out the top required section the same as the first submission.
  4. Fill out the middle section to indicate a rescore about what has changed.
  5. If you have changes to make to Advanced Scoring requests, fill out the bottom section or leave blank.
  6. Save and attach to the reply of the notification email. CC: ScanAssist@asu.edu 


** If you are only rescoring one version, but want the results merged again, please write “merge” in notes section.

In most cases, you will not need to send the student answer sheets back to our office for scanning. 

One business day turn-around is based on the time the rescore request is received by UTSS staff. We will upload the new results to MyASU.

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We ask that you please do not hold homework, quizzes and other scantrons that need processing until you submit your finals. We experience an overwhelming load the week before finals and the week of finals.  If you have scantrons that need processing for your end of semester grades, if possible, please send them to our office as soon as they are completed by students rather than holding them until you drop off your finals.

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